Successful CEO of MA Folkes Co., Inc., Michael Folkes, who has achieved and lives the American Dream, originated from an impoverished background in the countryside of Jamaica. From early on, Michael was forced to confront the poverty into which he was born. However, with determination, perseverance and the love, guidance and moral support of his grandparents he fought his way through destitution and abuse to beat the odds. Michael’s faith provided and continues to provide great support. He believes God has answered his prayers and has intervened in his life. After a long climb, his dedication paid off, creating jobs at his successful 3rd party logistics and value added services pallet manufacturing company which was established in 1997, M.A. Folkes Company, Inc., still thriving today in corporate America as an enormous victory.

Today Michael is happy and successful and is creating a legacy through his MIC Leadership Concept Platform and his non-profit organization, the Melbourne & Michael Folkes Foundation to provide the first steps for others to achieve their potential, with the intention that they, in turn, will help others to achieve theirs thereby creating perpetual prosperity to make a difference in our world. Michael has written his life story in his first book Driven by Desperation, to inspire and motivate readers to consider their own challenges as opportunities, and to make changes that will have a positive impact on their lives.

Michael is now available for speaking engagements to business, civic, philanthropic and student groups. Among his many topics:

  • How to overcome your past to create a better future.
  • Why passion (in every realm, not just professional) is essential.
  • How you wear your character on your sleeve for everyone to see––and what you can do about it.
  • Why forgiveness is never really about the person who mistreated you.
  • How to impress an over-scheduled boss/spouse/friend.
  • Why humility is so underrated.
  • An incredibly easy way to spot natural talent––and how to know whether or not you have it.
  • How to create perpetual prosperity the MIC way!
  • The MIC Leadership Concept

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" Negative thoughts will enter your mind; it's up to you to prevent them from lingering in your thoughts or escaping from your lips."- Michael A. Folkes