Michael's Lifestyle

Sea Fishing

Michael used to fish with his friends as a child in Jamaica, cooking and eating what they caught. He still loves it today, especially the challenge of sea fishing.

His favorite location is the Caribbean where he’s caught Barracuda, Tuna, Jacks and Wahoo. Landing fish this size is exhilarating, challenging and good exercise. Today Michael doesn't always take his catch home to eat; instead he practices "catch and release," returning the fish to the sea.  Michael says his best fishing moment is yet to come, when he heads out to Cabo San Lucas and lands a Marlin. These fish can reach 5m in length, over 1300lb and travel as fast as 68mph! 

Reduces stress

Encountering a vast expanse of water, and the huge variety of fish available means that Michael is never quite sure what will be hooked on his line. In fact, with so much open space, he embraces the encounter with nature, and the challenge of finding anything on the end of his line!

Being on the open sea gives Michael a sense of freedom which helps put life into perspective, reduces stress and is a tonic for the mind and soul. For Michael, sea fishing is an exciting challenge. 

"My best fishing moment is yet to come!"- Michael A. Folkes