Michael's Lifestyle


"Scuba - entering a whole new world, exploring a different place and time."

Michael loves to scuba dive, and his best scuba-diving days are yet to come when he dives the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Islands. Looking up towards the sky through the clean, clear sea as he descends further, Michael becomes aware of the sun above him, as its rays penetrate the clarity of the water and the alien world that surrounds him.

When shafts of sunshine pierce clouds or water, they are known as "crepuscular rays" or the "hand of God." An experience close to Michael’s deeply held faith.

For Michael, the experience of scuba-diving is one of freedom, clarity of mind and the extreme beauty of his surroundings as the unfamiliar subterranean world opens up in this almost weightless environment. It is a sense of freeing his body and soul in a similar way as losing himself in dancing.

"Expand your mind and broaden your horizons through the exploration of new worlds."- Michael A. Folkes