Michael's Lifestyle

Michael's Faith

Michael's Christian Faith originates with his upbringing in Jamaica, where he regularly attended the Mount Waddy Methodist Church with his grandfather.

Although Michael’s life has been shaped by extreme challenges he believes in divine intervention, having experienced good fortune at times that he could only attribute to God, and in the power of prayer through focusing on his challenges while speaking with God, seeking and finding solutions, and that if you work hard (and smart), "by the sweat of your brow, you will eat bread."

Coming from a background of hunger and abuse, his faith and the Scripture his grandfather often quoted, has provided Michael with spiritual support and a source of guidance. Michael continues to follow his faith and to work just as hard with the strength of character and diligence he has shown throughout his life.

His belief in the power of prayer, divine intervention, compassion and forgiveness is apparent in the story of his life, Driven by Desperation. Michael's book shares with you the challenges he has faced and how these aspects and his determination to succeed have helped him to overcome. Michael believes that with every challenge God provides opportunities, and that with prayer, compassion and forgiveness we can move away from and overcome the emotional, psychological and physical effects of anger, hatred, jealousy and self-pity to see the opportunities which develop our character and direct our course in life.

"Attitude and action will always certainly define a person's character and integrity."- Michael A. Folkes