Michael's Lifestyle

Healthy Eating

"Without our health what else have we got?"

Although Michael does enjoy a treat, he also knows the importance of eating healthily. With obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes on the increase due to poor diet, Michael understands that "health is your greatest wealth," and you must invest in your body with healthy and nutritious foods. Of course, good health is a combination of diet and exercise.

How sure is Michael that his nutrition is optimized?

Being conscious of what he uses as fuel for his body is a priority, and to this end, Michael blends fruits, vegetables and nuts most days to maximize his vitamin and nutrient intake.

A typical day of healthful eating

Favorite breakfast – eggs, and a blend of fruits, vegetables and nuts

Favorite lunch – a blend of 11 different nuts, nutmeg and vanilla and a favorite milk product; tuna salad and crackers

Favorite dinner – steak, salmon or chicken with salad

However, Michael is no saint and agrees that this would be unrealistic. Every now and then he enjoys what people might call "junk food" and craves a burger and fries! His rule is not to make "junk food" the habit.

"Eating to preserve your health is your greatest wealth."- Michael A. Folkes