Michael's Lifestyle


“I find exercise extremely rewarding.”

When Michael has a challenging day, he will run about 2-5 miles, preferably outdoors when the weather permits, otherwise on the treadmill. He finds this practice extremely rewarding as it aids him both physically and mentally. Physically in the sense that Michael feels good about his body which boosts his confidence level. Michael likes to look good and most of all loves to feel great! In terms of mentally, Michael finds exercise a great way to clear his mind.

Michael says, "Whatever it is that's bothering me, as soon as I start to exercise, I am able to put things into perspective and almost immediately I figure out what I need to do to solve the issues I am having. Most times I even come up with alternatives, new ideas and a new approach to certain situations."

Regular physical activity is good for your physical health and can speed up learning by improving blood flow to the brain.

"Without our health what else have we got?"- Michael A. Folkes