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Body & Soul

"Free your mind and soul!"

Bachata! Who could imagine that this calm, mild-mannered man could unleash the passion required to dance Latin American styles with such accomplishment. But Michael does! Dancing bachata, salsa, rumba, merengue – once you’ve learned all those steps you can join a partner and lose yourself in the music and the dance. Dancing is one of Michael’s favorite pastimes. He has always loved music and now combines that love with his passion for dancing because "it frees my mind, my soul and relieves my stress."

A fun way to reduce stress and stay healthy

Stress reduction and the ability to relax are very important in Michael’s life, because of the demanding nature of business. Dancing, along with his other activities, all contribute to the great health Michael enjoys. The American Cancer Society has published research that suggests dancing improves self-esteem, and Stanford University’s Richard Powers suggests a link between dancing and remaining mentally sharp. This is because the mind and body are working in synchronicity.

"A strong mind and body working in synchronicity are a wealth of unlimited resources to unlock your hidden potential."- Michael A. Folkes