MIC Leader

MIC Leader Concept

The MIC Leader Concept focuses on identifying and nurturing the younger generation and adults who are mentally strong enough to utilize the essential characteristics necessary to achieve their greatness.

What better way to bring about fundamental change and growth in our society today than incorporating this mindset and way of life into our educational system and through partnerships with like-minded organizations and agencies who are willing to embrace this MIC Leader Concept.

We are introducing and implementing the MIC Leader Concept through the following:

  • Incorporation of books authored by Michael A. Folkes; one being Driven By Desperation into school curriculums from elementary to college.
  • Children’s Books (The Patchy Series is currently a work in progress)
  • Mighty In Character Awards Program rewards students who exemplify the 7 MIC fundamental elements; Gratitude, Truth, Faith, Courage, Kindness, Humility and Courtesy.
  • MIC Ambassadors:  It identifies and nurtures students with leadership characteristics and aptitude.
  • MIC Leader Cultural Exchange Program between students in the U.S.A and Jamaica (Elementary through High School)
  • MIC Leader Service Learning Program for students in both the U.S.A and Jamaica. (College level)
  • MIC Leader Co-op experiences for college students.
  • MIC Perpetual Prosperity Program (Summer employment for at risk High School Students)
  • MIC Leader Youth Summer Day Camp.
  • MIC Leader forums, workshops and conferences.

The MIC Leader Concept is built on the following:

MIC: Being mentally strong enough to utilize all the essential characteristics necessary in achieving your greatness!

 – Michael A. Folkes

PERPETUAL PROSPERITY: Creating a pathway designed to enlighten, encourage and teach others how to fulfill their purpose.

Understand greed, jealousy and envy then allow attitude, actions, kindness, caring and sharing to sustain the inter-dependency and co-existence of our humanity.  That's the MIC way!

– Michael A. Folkes

SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS: True success, happiness and peace are measured and achieved by the positive influence you or I make on the lives of others. That's the MIC way!

 – Michael A. Folkes

Leading the way to perpetual prosperity, changing the world one person at a time starting with the younger generation.  Allowing wisdom, imagination, hope and ambition to flourish – doing it the MIC way!

– Michael A. Folkes 

"Continuous change to improve one's life comes from deep within a person's conscious mind. You are the only one that can bring about such a fundamental change."- Michael A. Folkes